This sign of spring encourages us to move forward.

By Suzana Da Costa

Aries season is the time to push forward in our personal initiatives and allow ourselves to be moved into action by what inspires and guides us.  By following Pisces in the zodiac, Aries has access to the universal plan, and needs only to find a way to make forward momentum happen. 

Superficial friends might know Aries to be impatient, impulsive and selfish, but if you scratch the surface a little, you’ll get to know someone who is quick to laugh and who doesn’t judge others. Aries people challenge themselves to personal bests, and don’t get lost in keeping up with the Joneses; they prefer to invest their energy in themselves. Although they can be quick to anger, they’re also quick to forgive and may even forget that there was something to be angry about in the first place.

Innocence may not be the first word that comes to mind when we think of our Aries friends, but think again. Isn’t it innocence that leads us to jump into something without a second thought? Isn’t it innocence that gets Aries enthusiastically invested in a project, a hobby or a new business and then sees them lose interest and get distracted by the next new thing?  

Need a lesson in how not to hold a grudge? Call an Aries person.  They’ll set you straight fast because they’re just not interested in drama. They’ll be at your side and if they love you, might even offer to throw a punch for you, but it won’t be long before they tire of the story. They might try to distract you and cheer you, anything to help you release your attachment to suffering. But if they see you sinking, they’ll cut the rope and move on with their lives.  

If Aries has a fault, it’s this tendency to lose interest and move on that gives them the reputation of being selfish or having a short attention span. The truth is that their stamina is not there to sustain something that doesn’t promote life, and they have the instincts and courage not to let things get in their way. Without encouragement and understanding, that impulse can be disastrous for relationships. They know how to get somewhere without considering what other people might need or want. It can create a lonely circumstance for Aries. They may even believe the hype and proclaim themselves to be lifelong bachelors, deciding that life is so much easier without a partner.

The truth is, even Aries will get bored of that after a while. The remedy for this lies in the realm of Libra (their opposite sign in the zodiac) and that sign’s natural inclination to be curious about the other person. Why? Because Libra knows what Aries doesn’t: that the relationship is the vehicle to becoming more of themselves and a very direct way towards individuation. Besides that, there is a natural challenge in relationships that Aries is born to meet.  By bringing themselves into balance with the opposing energies of give and take, impulse and patience, fearlessness and caution, they can enter into an experience of themselves that is not the same old song and dance. Rather, it’s fresh, exciting and new.

If Aries needs anything besides a challenge to get out of bed in the morning, it’s newness.  To learn why, we can look at what is happening in the ground during Aries season. In spring, the world comes alive with budding trees and vegetation daring to push through ice and snow. This is at the heart of the magic that makes Aries feel sparkly and alive, and that’s what feeds their souls: to leap across the boundary of a seemingly impossible barrier and into the full experience of being alive.  

Suzana Da Costa is a counselling astrologer and homeopath.  She has been a holistic health practitioner since 2016 and is a mentor for diploma program students at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy. She’s passionate about helping people step out of old patterns and discover how to connect with the larger energy patterns that move us.  She can be reached at

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