Advice from an intuitive medium on how to create an oasis of tranquility and peace in your house by clearing out negative energies.

improve your home's energy

You know it when you feel it. It’s that vague sense that all is not well inside a house. Or, it may be a blissful atmosphere of serenity and joy. Whatever feelings we experience in a house are inspired by the energy in the space.

“Whoever lives in a house leaves energy behind. It’s like layering on wallpaper. You don’t see it, but you feel it,” says Donna-Marie Hallessey, a Pointe-Claire-based intuitive medium who channels the spirit world.

Sometimes, the energy of a house can feel dense and heavy. As a medium, Ms. Hallessey gets called to such homes, where she works telepathically with universal spirit to clear negative energies that have accumulated as a result of past habitation. “Smudging is one way to purify the vibrational energy of a home,” she says. “It clears residual energy and entity-attachment, and it realigns the vibration of a home. You can do it by burning Palo Santo, or lavender, white sage and other kinds of sage. Each has its own characteristic, rather like different spices in a kitchen. And each has its own unique property for the type of clearing needed.”

Burning sage leaves—called “smudging”—is an ancient practice used to purify buildings

In addition to buildings holding residual energy, the land upon which they stand also retains the vibration of all who have lived upon it. Human experiences become the energy of emotional residue that impacts land and buildings, Ms. Hallessey says. “I use a method to transmute those energies. I clear them and bring in the vibration that the homeowners want their homes to have. Bringing in new energy is as important as clearing out old energy. It’s like designing a house vibrationally, and it allows people to choose the energy that indirectly impacts them.”

She recalls being called by a client who had moved into a house with her boyfriend and knew that something was amiss. “I tuned into the energy of the house,” Ms. Hallessey says. “The previous owner had suffered from depression and had chronic worries about money. That vibration was imprinted on the house. If you don’t clear it, it’s like living in a place where everyone bathes in the same bath water. The people begin to absorb energy that isn’t theirs, and it affects their lives.”

Ms. Hallessey connects with the spirit world to shift those dense energies. “When I cleared my client’s house, I was doing it during the day while she was at work,” she says. “That evening, she called me and said: ‘I feel as if I have come home to a different house. It feels so clean.’ ”

improve your home's energy
A crystal sun catcher pulls light energy into a home, refracting the sun’s rays into its component colours.

With a few simple techniques, she says, a home’s energy can be cleaned and cleared, and replaced with a more positive vibration. “I recommend using a professional to do a deep energy-cleaning of a home or office space because there may be ancestral energy or entity attachments there,” Ms. Hallessey says. “It’s important to transmute this energy safely. However, keeping your space clean once it has been cleared is simple maintenance that anyone can learn. Once you learn it, you can imprint your space to hold your desired energy that supports a happy and healthy environment. When I hear of new homeowners spending money on cosmetic home improvements, I am always amazed that energy-clearing is an afterthought. It would be my first priority.”

improve your home's energy

Homeowners who are unable to hire a medium to clear energy can freshen up the vibration of their own homes by doing a few simple things. Here is Ms. Hallessey’s advice:

  • Start by opening windows and doors to clear out old energy and welcome in new.
  • Light white candles to invoke a fresh start.
  • Play uplifting music. “This is one of the fastest ways to shift the vibration in a house,” she says.
  • Clear your own energy before entering your home by inhaling deeply and exhaling the residue of your day. “Teach your children to do this as well,” she says. “We pick up all kinds of energies while we’re out in the world. Breathing deeply allows us to release them.”
  • Use an oil diffuser to burn cleansing essential oils, such as lemongrass, which clears and purifies.
  • Create harmonic sounds with crystal bowls, tuning forks or Tibetan singing bowls.
  • Place Himalayan salt lamps in the corners of the house. They emit negative ions, the ones generated by moving water, which contribute to sanguine physical and mental health. Desk fountains can also generate negative ions.
  • Shake your pillows every night before sleeping on them.
improve your home's energy
A Himalayan salt lamp emits negative ions—the feel-good variety—when heated by a light bulb or candle.

The need to purify is particularly acute now when so many people have infused a vibration of anxiety and fear into their homes throughout the COVID pandemic, Ms. Hallessey adds.

“The most important thing to learn is that you are vibratory and so is your house,” she says. “Your home should be your castle. It needs to be cleaned energetically as well as physically. The energy in a space moves into you. You want to clean that space with divine-light energy.”

Improve your home's energy
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