Following the recent active period that saw two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde, the season of Gemini promises an opportunity to reflect and reorient.


After two eclipses and a period of Mercury retrograde, we could use some down time and breathing room. June won’t bring any dramatic planetary events, but it does encourage us to revise and reorient our perspective and perhaps our path, too. 

As Mercury goes direct on June 3, plans and projects that were delayed can be ramped up again. However, with Saturn beginning its annual retrograde the next day, we’re cued to open a dialogue around the responsibilities and obligations that limit and define us. 

If you feel like your responsibilities are weighing heavily on you, take some time to reflect on what those responsibilities are in service to. Losing sight of our life goals can leave us feeling discouraged about ever meeting them, and we can be tricked into giving up when times start to get tough. On the other hand, asking that question might help us to see that the time and effort we devote to something might need to be revised. 

Because this opportunity to redefine yourself is brought to you by the planet Saturn, (known for it’s dedication, hard work and no-nonsense approach), it’s a good strategy to think long-term. Be patient and honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to consider that new limits and boundaries might be necessary to create the life you want.

A full moon in Sagittarius on June 14 might help you to connect with your long-term goals and visions for the future. Full moons can shed light on unmet needs, and this full moon might be the catalyst to get you thinking about what is getting in your way. 

Saturn is here to help open the gates to removing what doesn’t support you, and this is a critical element for growth and fulfilment. Every successful life change begins with removing what doesn’t serve you, doesn’t it? The acts of decluttering, dieting, budgeting all lend themselves to removing things that are unnecessary for the life you want to live.  

Later in the month, the new moon will be in Cancer, and on that same day, we’ll see Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Lunations that happen close to the same time as an outer planet changing direction provide us with a bridge to align with the bigger currents and cycles of the universe. 

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, distracted, confused or lost, expect to find yourself on more solid ground when it comes to dreams and expectations by the end of this month. While Neptune always encourages us to find deeper meaning, the trick to working with the energy of this planet is to be aware that the glamour quotient and fog machine gets turned up under its influence. The combination of Saturn and Neptune retrograde is helpful if you can appreciate a reality check and value the course corrections available to us.


June is Gemini month, which is our transition into summer. At this time, the earth is preparing to diversify, and plants are branching out, with root systems reaching into the soil and green canopies stretching to capture light.

Like the native born under Gemini, there is an irresistible curiosity that brings us out of the comfort and security that’s been nurtured with Taurus. This curiosity is deeply invested in knowing what is just beyond its reach.  

Don’t leave a wrapped gift unattended around a Gemini, who cannot resist picking it up to shake some clues out of it. Once they discover what was unknown to them a moment ago, they move on to the next thing. Their communication style is similar. While Gemini can have deep and meaningful conversations, they may also derive satisfaction from small talk or chatter. Just the act of communication is enough to sustain Gemini because it satisfies their need to be part of the environment and make an exchange. While this can seem superficial, consider how all relationships usually begin with a simple exchange such as “hello” or “what’s your name?” If no curiosity follows that first connection, an acquaintance cannot become a friend.

Ruling the lungs as well as the arms and hands, Gemini shows us how this primary and essential exchange is reflected in the body. The lungs are the first organs to permit exchange with our environment after birth, and our arms and hands allow us to “exchange” in the form of trade. Holding hands also signifies friendship.

Usually fickle but not possessive, Gemini is the kind of friend you can count on to try something new, to call on spontaneously, or to be willing to go on unplanned adventures. They’re good at going with the flow and can be relied upon to distract you from struggles you might be having.  If they’ve mastered their monkey mind, their natural curiosity can help you come to solutions and alternatives that you wouldn’t have thought of before.

Given that they’re prone to a busy mind, restlessness and boredom can be a problem. So limiting screen time is a must. Without a limit on the activities of the mind, it will stray further and further from what is meaningful and supportive for the whole organism. That endless curiosity, coupled with digital streaming, can also keep them in a constant disconnection from their bodies.

A good way to support our basic Gemini needs is to explore our neighbourhood while listening to a podcast or audiobook. A neighbourhood walk is a great way to challenge the mind to focus on a single subject while being exposed to the light distraction of a familiar environment.   While any audio book or podcast will do, an additional level of challenge for Gemini would be to use that neighbourhood walk to learn a new language or discover another culture. Or flip the script and leave the device at home and venture out to a neighbourhood you know nothing about.

For Gemini, a life well-lived is one in which the days are filled with lots of connections. For their opposite sign, Sagittarius, satisfaction comes from reaching beyond the horizon of what’s familiar and known. 

Such interests as long-distance travel, foreign cultures and university studies challenge Gemini to practice directed growth and to be adaptable. By integrating some longer-term studies or interests that evolve over time, Gemini can apply gifts of curiosity and adaptability to carry them to new horizons of exchanging information and making new friends and connections.

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Suzana Da Costa is a counselling astrologer and homeopath.  She has been a holistic health practitioner since 2016 and is a mentor for diploma program students at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy. She’s passionate about helping people step out of old patterns of behaviour and discover how to align with the larger energy patterns that move us.  She can be reached at suzana@heartstarhealing.com.