This little French Bulldog, a resident of Pointe-Claire, takes his human to work, where he relishes his job as a greeter who graciously welcomes clients.

This is Mackie. He’s a working dog. You’re probably looking at the photo of Mackie and thinking: “Now, wait a minute. Working dogs are the ones that herd sheep and cows. Some of them deliver brandy to Swiss people who get caught in avalanches. And some sniff out illicit drugs at airports. What could a French Bulldog possibly do for a living?” Good question.

Mackie comes from a long line of dogs bred for their good nature; their vocation is to be pleasant companions. Two years ago, he moved in with Tiffany Baldo, a resident of Pointe-Claire. “I wanted a French Bulldog because they’re not high-strung,” Tiffany says. “They’re good with people and other dogs. I found a breeder—a medical student who took over her parents’ dog-breeding business.”

Tiffany works in sales and as a brand ambassador at Silver Star Mercedes on Decarie Boulevard. And a couple of times a month, Mackie accompanies her to work, where he’s the showroom’s official greeter and mascot. Part of his job is simply to be nice to people, which pays off mightily for him when fellow employees toss him treats. 

“One of the women at work has peanut butter, which she shares with Mackie,” Tiffany says. “He recognizes her right across the dealership floor because he knows she has peanut butter.” That’s how good Mackie’s sense of smell and memory are; he doesn’t forget the taste of peanut butter.

As a brand ambassador, Tiffany is sometimes featured in promotional videos. Mackie is sometimes with her. “In one video, he’s seen in a car,” Tiffany says. “And he’s depicted running with me as my little sidekick. Whenever he’s featured in an Instagram post, it gets lots of likes.”

Mackie is also gracious and generous, two character traits cited on his resumé. To wit: he allows Tiffany to drive his car to work. And at home, she’s allowed to sit on his sofa, sleep in his bed, cook in his kitchen, and walk at the other end of his leash. He loves taking her for exercise in the Terra Cotta green space or to the dog park in Valois Bay. 

Tiffany’s sister Brittany also lives in the condo and works at Silver Star Mercedes. Mackie is a good friend to her, too, and the affection is mutual.

He gets up early every day to go for a walk around the neighbourhood before his workday begins. And because his job is to be a good companion, he accompanies Tiffany to stores that allow dogs inside. He’s always on his best behaviour.

Recently, he starred in a photo shoot for a website that sells dog clothing. He’s pretty excited about that. 

In the meantime, he’s hanging out with Tiffany, doing what he does best: just being chill and loving humans. Hardly seems like work at all!

A dog’s life: Mackie allows his human, Tiffany Baldo, to relax on his sofa.
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