Stability and the good things of life are the hallmarks of people born under this sign.

The sign of Taurus brings a quality of stability and patience to our endeavours. It allows us to create a secure container for the initiatives we launched with the energy of Aries.  Taurus brings the drive to push past the initial challenge that Aries enjoys, and welcomes peaceful predictability to secure a prosperous harvest.

To scratch the surface of the individual born under the influence of the Taurus sun is to look beyond their security consciousness or their stubborn, determined nature.  Expensive cars, designer clothes or a beautiful house are only there to reassure Taurus that life’s necessities will always be there, that they will always have something tasty to eat, or a soft fabric against their skin. They’re tuned into their senses and there is no better slice of life for Taurus than a delicious meal, followed by an evening in front of a cozy fire with a glass of wine. 

The typical Taurus won’t be found at a casino betting everything they’ve got on a card game. While they enjoy play and relaxation, their idea of a wonderful time is something that reminds them of the good life they’ve been able to acquire and not the thrill of risking it all on a bet. That challenges their practical nature: why introduce the element of risk?  

Ensuring that nothing interferes with the good life they’ve created can be stressful for Taurus. Like the dragon that sits on its treasure, Taurus people may not venture too far from their comfort zones and may limit their experience of life to safeguard what makes them feel secure. They’re more comfortable applying their determined and practical nature toward making regular contributions to their savings account than to a get-rich-quick scheme.

Here’s where a Catch-22 can develop for Taurus: If they get tunnel vision with their determined dedication, it can be difficult for them to free themselves from the trappings of the security they seek. For the sake of their mental and emotional health, they may stay in a job or relationship that represents security and bounty, instead of seeking greener pastures. They’re creatures of habit, and it’s not easy to get them out of their ruts, even when they are uncomfortable in them.

Relationships are important for Taurus and are a vehicle for their desire for simple pleasure. Similar to the way they move through life, they may have a tendency toward possessiveness and jealousy around their inability to “secure” their partner.  For Taurus, the key to achieving balance in life and love is to look to their opposite sign: Scorpio. Scorpio understands that every living thing constantly changes, evolves and grows. It’s all dependant on an exchange. They know that for every gain, there is a loss, and their security comes from knowing that the only certainty in life is death.  

Isn’t it true that the sweetest strawberries are those that come at the end of a season? Or that we savour every moment of the last day of a beach vacation? By accepting the ephemeral nature of life, Taurus can immerse themselves in the pleasure of the senses that they seek. By no longer looking to secure tomorrow, Taurus can feel truly secure in the present. 

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Suzana Da Costa is a counselling astrologer and homeopath.  She has been a holistic health practitioner since 2016 and is a mentor for diploma program students at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy. She’s passionate about helping people step out of old patterns of behaviour and discover how to align with the larger energy patterns that move us.  She can be reached at

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